The Founding Story

Adrian Pinto

Founder, Green Paper Works

From Grape Waste to Paper

"Experiments are mediators between nature and idea" - Johan Wolfgang Goethe

That’s exactly how my venture Green Paper Works was established - a childhood love for the environment married with a decade long experience in the wine industry.

Growing up I was always taught to care about the environment, be sustainable and what the repercussions would be, if I didn’t. In the 15 years of my stint in the wine industry, I observed the expanding heaps of pomace (grape waste) being generated across wineries in India, which was eventually used as compost or landfills. Surely there was another use for this pomace?

That’s when my research on its composition and uses began. Upon discovering that the fibre content in pomace could potentially be used as a replacement to wood pulp in paper, I was thrilled!

The first prototype of this ‘grape paper’ was an experiment created in my own kitchen. The only equipment used was a kitchen blender and some nets. The color and texture of the paper were perfect and that’s when I knew I could take my next big step. I enrolled for a course in IIM-A which helped in accelerating the process and I filed a patent application for ‘Paper Made from Organic Waste and the process thereof.’

This paper is unique in nature, and looks promising as an alternative to wood paper. In my initiative to protect the environment and make our world greener, I urge you to join me and help make a change one sheet at a time!